Performance Horse Supplements

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Performance Horse Supplements

The Benefits Of Performance Horse Supplements

Horse owners know that they have to give their horses the best available care to keep the horse healthy and robust. Part of that responsibility involves giving them a proper diet which could include supplements. Performance horse supplements help to provide your horse with the right amount of essential vitamins and minerals it needs. `

Here are some benefits of performance horse supplements to a horse’s nutrition.

1) Poor and Inconsistent quality of Hay and Pasture

A lot of horse owners make their choice of hay according to what they’ve heard is right or what they think looks good. But the reality is they are usually mistaken. The result of that is that they end up with the wrong quality than what they originally intended. This is why is supplementing your horse’s diet with the right vitamins is very important.

2) Lack of Grazing Opportunities

An essential aspect of a horse’s welfare is grazing. Horses graze to satisfy behavioral as well as nutritional needs. Sadly, a lot of stabled horses don’t get enough time to feed daily. This could be due to several complications such as grazing not being practical or safe enough to implement, or because the stables are not adequately managed. The right performance horse supplements will help compensate for those missed grazing opportunities and also ensure that your equine gets the proper amount of supplemental vitamins that’ll help them function at their best.

3) Geographical Mineral and Vitamin Deficiencies

A lot of horses tend to have geographical mineral and vitamin deficiencies that only horse supplements can correct. Additionally, horses have specific needs such as more energy, stamina, joint support, better hoof growth, shinier coat, muscle tone and more. All of this cannot be accounted for from feeding alone, and since their body needs all these to perform well in their daily activities, then supplements become necessary.

4) Electrolyte Supplementation

Horses need the right electrolyte supplementation as it helps them replenish minerals lost while sweating thanks to high-intensity activities. Competition horses or those under high levels of stress particularly in conditions of high humidity and heat, usually need electrolytes to be able to perform at peak conditions.

5) During Recovery Periods

When horses are recovering from an infection or an illness, they require quality performance horse supplements in their natural nutrition. Say the horse in question has been on broad-spectrum antibiotics. He or she could be at risk of vitamin B and K deficiency. This vitamin (which are required for a balanced equine diet) deficiencies can be corrected by putting quality supplements to good use.

6) Last but not least, horses that are under a lot of stress such as those used for frequent traveling as well as show and race horses, also benefit from horse supplements a whole lot.


From all the benefits listed above, it is evident that performance horse supplements are essential to an equine’s diet. However, you should keep it in mind that not every kind of supplement will work with your horse. Always ask your vet before making any decision that concerns your equine’s health.


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