About Us

4 PETS 4 YOU was started in Nov. 2012 to help people & there pets live a longer healthier life. Animals make our lives better & we make theirs better.We sell a variety of supplements designed for certain health problems and for helping prevent future health conditions. We take great pride in providing our customers the best products at great prices. Unfortunately,the food we eat & the food we feed our pet's is less than optimal we are missing nutrients in our diets along with environmental factors that are the cause of many diseases out there. A supplementation regimen can help combat the destructive stress-or out there. Pet's require supplementation just the same way you & I do. For me, my pets are another member of the family & I want what is best for them. That's why we recommend you & your pet take supplements. We want you & your pet to live a long, happy, health life. We added a skincare line 4 you because looking better makes you feel better. Look & feel your best inside & out.