Antioxidant Juice Complex


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Antioxidant Juice Complex

Antioxidant Juice Complex contains some of the most powerful cell protecting antioxidants to date which may help reduce the risk of disease, such as heart disease and cancer by lessening the destructive power of free radicals. Antioxidant Juice Complex helps boosts your energy levels, improves circulation to maintain healthy heart function, strengthens the immune system and fights free radical damage (free radicals are harmful by-products produced by the body). Other benefits of Antioxidant Juice Complex include improved mental focus, vision and better sleep. The Acai berry has been marked as an  "Elite Super food" due to it’s anti-aging properties and energy and longevity boosting abilities. The Goji berry that has been claimed as the next "Fountain of Youth" studies found an increase in athletic performance, happiness, and mental well-being. The Pomegranite helps slow down the aging process and is revered as a symbol of health, fertility, and eternal life due to the anti-oxidant rich and nutrient dense flesh.

The Acai Berry

Antioxidant Juice Complex contains Acai Berry which is loaded with cell protecting antioxidants. The Acai Bery has been used for centuries for its healing and immune supporting properties and is one of the élite super foods with anti-aging, antioxidant and weight loss properties and may help prevent diseases caused by oxidative stress such as heart disease, cancer, a decrease of energy, weight gain and a lot of other ailments and diseases.  Acai fruit pulp is high in fiber and has a very high antioxidant content with more antioxidant content than cranberry, raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, or blueberry, in fact one Acai Berry has 2 times the antioxidant of blueberries and 10 times the antioxidants of grapes. They also play a role in the body’s cellular protection system by helping keep the cells strong to fight against free radical damage.  Acai Berry may help slow or reverse the aging process due to the high antioxidants, which can help fight fatigue and exhaustion while leading to an increased level of energy and stamina

Goji berries

Some claim that Goji berries are the next fountain of youth or the elixir of life because they are a rich source of antioxidants and have been used to treat many common health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, fever, and age-related eye problems.  Goji berries powerful antioxidants and other compounds combined with the rich vitamin A it has, may reduce damage from free radicals that injure cells and damage DNA at the same time increasing your immune system. When a cell’s DNA changes, the cell grows abnormally. Antioxidants can take away the destructive power of free radicals. Some studies using goji berry juice found benefits in mental well-being and calmness, athletic performance, happiness, quality of sleep, and feelings of good health.

The Hawaiian Noni

The juice, fruit, bark, and leaves are used in herbal remedies. Noni has been used in folk remedies by Polynesians for over 2000 years, and is reported to have a broad range of therapeutic effects, including antibacterial, antiviral, anti fungal, anti tumor, anti helminth, analgesic, hypotensive, anti-inflammatory, and immune enhancing effects. Noni juice is also said to enhance energy and well being.

Mangosteen plant

Mangosteen has a unique antioxidant called xanthones, that have anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral , anti-convulsant and antioxidant properties while combating free radical damage that results in cell mutations (cancer and tumor growth). Mangosteen can help to combat pain due to the anti-inflammatory property which decreases inflammation. It also decreasing free radical damage and inflammatory build up help’s to maintain healthy blood vessel health to lower cholesterol and protects the heart muscle, while lowering high blood pressure.


Pomegranate is one of the oldest known fruits, found in writings and artifacts of many cultures and religions, it is an original native of Persia. This nutrient dense, antioxidant rich fruit has been revered as a symbol of health, fertility and eternal life. Compounds found only in pomegranates called punicalagins are shown to benefit the heart and blood vessels. Punicalagins are the major component responsible for pomegranate’s antioxidant and health benefits. They not only lower cholesterol, but also lower blood pressure and increase the speed at which heart blockages (atherosclerosis) melt away. Studies have shown pomegranates are good for your heart and blood vessels but they have been shown to inhibit breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, leukemia and to prevent vascular changes that promote tumor growth. Several studies have shown this remarkable anti-cancer effect.


Resveratrol is a member of a group of plant compounds called polyphenols. These compounds are thought to have antioxidant properties, protecting the body against the kind of damage linked to increased risk for conditions such as cancer and heart disease. Resveratrol may protect nerve cells from damage and the buildup of plaque that can lead to Alzheimer’s disease. Resveratrol helps prevent insulin resistance, a condition in which the body becomes less sensitive to the effects of the blood sugar-lowering hormone, insulin. Insulin resistance is a precursor to diabetes.

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